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New Challenging Community

I'm trying to advertise my new challenging community here (multi-fandom, RPF accepted too). If it's forbidden on this community, than I'm very sorry and you're welcome to yell at me and delete this post :)

If I managed to interest you tough, here are few words about said community.
The idea is to inspire stories from one fandom by a quote from another. That's, I believe the most basic outline of the main idea. :) Please feel free to check the community for yourself and read first post and rules in case you want to learn more and maybe participate in the challenge.


Penguin TARDIS

Fic: House Light

Title: House Light
Author: Nemesis (Nems)
Pairing: Cameron/Foreman, House/Wilson mentioned
Rating: PG
Warnings: There's quite a bit of Cameron hate in this one.
Summary: Foreman knew it was only a matter of time before Cameron's wandering eye turned to him.
Disclaimer: Okay. *munches some popcorn*. I'm watching the credits now... Wouldja look at that! They don't say "Nemesis" anywhere near there. Not even in the random tech stuffs. Guess it's not mine then!
A/N: Betaed by my amazing, wonderful, extremely attractive husband benjimmy.
This is from Stump the Writer (go ahead and play!). Cris stumped me with "Wilson relented and smiled back." (Mile High Club). She asked for Cameron/Foreman. No, I do not know what she was on at the time.

Dr. House is being forced would like to take this time and space to remind you that "puppies shouldn't be kicked, Chase is a whore, and reviews are love. Can I have a week off Clinic duty now?" Dr. Wilson would like to add, "Favorite lines are much appreciated, I'm told. Ditto for concrit."

Foreman’s lip curled as he thought of her.
Klaine - Hall run <3

Dinner And A Lesson Or Two

Title: Dinner And A Lesson Or Two
Author: Me
Pairing/Characters: Chase/Foreman, implied House/Wilson.
Rating: M-ish
Summary: Chase invites Foreman to his apartment for dinner. What happens in Chase's apartment, stays in Chase's apartment.
Word Count: 1653
Spoilers: 4x03 97 Seconds
Notes/Warnings: Slash, set in the future but written in past tense, short chapters.
Disclaimer: Not mine *cries*

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
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TMV: "That Don't Impress Me Much"- House x Foreman, Chase, & Wilson

Title: That Don't Impress Me Much
Fandom: House
Type: TMV (Television Music Video)
Singer: Shania Twain
Pairing: House x Foreman, Chase, & Wilson
Spoilers?: Season 3 clips used.

This is a fun TMV in reply to a Harry Potter one of the same name on You Tube. House

singing to his boys. xD Enjoy. :3~

Follow the fakecut to the video:

Cause House would soooo sing this.
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Title: Strangers Almanac
Author: Namaste
Rating: Gen, PG
Summary: Taking this challenge to its conclusion, here are three sets of 13 drabbles each, following the lives of Foreman, Chase and Cameron. Each is exactly 100 words and each uses the same prompts as the random challenge “Too Long In The Wasteland” here:
and the House/Wilson and Cuddy drabbles “The Boxing Mirror” here:

This one takes its title from an album by Whiskeytown.

Crossposting from Housefic. It's gen, but a full third of it is Foreman focused.